PSI – property services information

PSI’s are property services information packages that aid our builders in obtaining the necessary information for their property to achieve an accurate reflection of cost estimation for the proposed construction works.  We have been providing PSI packages since 1997.

  • Title Search
  • Land information – flood, termite and alpine status of your property
  • BAL – Bushfire Attack Level reports
  • Sewer details
  • Point of Discharge – storm-water details
  • Planning controls information
  • Wind speed analysis
  • Demolition consent and report
  • Melbourne Water certificates
  • Sewer and storm-water pipe details – subject to availability

Why deal with the authorities directly? 

Over the years we have built strong relationships with Victorian councils and sewer authorities in an effort to provide you a pre-Building Permit package in record time.  Our records stand for themselves and our clients are among Victoria’s respected leading builders.

Online access area and custom software

Since 1997 our mission has been to provide unique and individually tailored service for our clients.   Over the years we have developed unique software that is suited to each client’s needs and from 2010 we integrated this software on the web in the form of our online access area that includes the following:

  • Live progress of each job
  • Download facility for completed products
  • Administration manager controls for monitoring staff
  • Group access with individual levels of access
  • Online ordering
  • Job and subdivision monitoring and more

PSI packages and pricing

We currently offer a number of standard PSI packages at competitive pricing although we can create a custom package that will suit your organisation’s requirementsPlease contact our staff for further information.

We listen to our clients needs and strive to provide solutions.