Developer Approval

There are numerous housing estates throughout Victoria that require your designs to be formally approved before you can obtain a Building Permit. This is to maintain a consistent standard and character within the subdivision to ensure it presents aesthetically pleasing.

Design Guidelines

This document is provided by the developer and sets out the requirements you must comply with in order to obtain Developer Approval. It normally comes attached with your Section 32 - Contract of Sale but can also be referenced on a copy of title.

Some of the more common requests from developers can include:

  • •   Specific colour schemes to exteriors
  • •   Minimum house size according to land size
  • •   Garage to be setback behind the dwelling facade
  • •   Selected choice of cladding styles and materials
  • •   Prescribed dwelling setbacks from boundaries
  • •   Fencing type and height restrictions

Let us deal with your application

Imagine ordering for your DA - Developer Approval online the same way on every job. Yes, it's that simple.

You apply the same way through our online portal and we'll look after the rest.

We continue to expand in what we can provide but ultimately we strive to make your project's path to site quick and easy.