PSI - Property Services Information

PSI’s are property services information packages that aid our builders in obtaining the necessary information for their property to achieve an accurate reflection of cost estimation for the proposed construction works. We have been providing PSI packages since 1997.


Title Search

A Land Title is an official record that details the owner and dimensions of the land and can also include:

•   restrictions and covenants

•   caveats

•   Section 173 Agreements

•   plan of subdivision

•   transfer details

•   mortgage details

•   notices

We monitor land titles for incomplete subdivisions. Let us help you get to site sooner.

Land information - Regulation 51(2)
Flood, termite and alpine status of your property

Formerly known as Regulation 326(2), this certificate provides information as to whether the land is:

•   flood prone within the meaning of regulation 5(2)

•   subject to attack by termites - regulation 150

•   has a BAL - Bushfire Attack Level specified in the planning scheme

•   subject to snowfalls - regulation 152

•   designated land

•   designated works

The response from council can impact on your designs and project costs as well as determine whether additional documents are required such as a flood certificate from the relevant flood authority if your property has been designated as flood prone. This certificate is crucial in the design process of a new dwelling and must be sought before a building permit can be obtained.

BAL – Bushfire Attack Level reports

A Bushfire attack level report determines the severity of a building's potential exposure to bushfires.

This is assessed by the topography of a property and the distance between the proposed dwelling to any vegetation. The BAL rating is expressed into five different exposure classes increasing in severity with FZ being the most extreme:

•   12.5

•   19

•   29

•   40

•   FZ - Flame Zone

These classes are used to establish the requirements for construction under the Australian Standard AS 3959-2009 in order to improve protection of the dwelling from a bushfire event.

Sewer and Water details

Asset plots are sought from the relevant authorities which detail the locations and available assets to the property.

These plots include whether the property can be connected to Sewer, Water, Recycled Water and in some cases Roof Water Harvesting drains. They may include pipe information such as Size, Depth and Offset(SDO) as well as the location of the connection point. This plot assists to ensure that restrictions relating to building above or near a sewer/water asset are complied with. The attributes of these pipe assets can also play a role in footing design parameters when taking into consideration the angle of repose.

Point of discharge - Regulation 133(2)
Stormwater details

Formerly known as Regulation 610, this certificate obtained from council outlines the location and/or conditions for where stormwater runoff can be discharged from the property.

The response from council can be influenced by the available assets located in and around the property along with the shape and slope of the land. This certificate is crucial in the design process of a new dwelling and must be sought before a building permit can be issued.

Planning controls information

Our reports detail the relevant planning zones and overlay information and how they might impact on your project.

A formal response can also be sought from council that will state the planning controls applicable to the property and whether a planning permit is required for the use/development of the land.

Wind speed analysis
Wind rating

A wind speed analysis is important before beginning the construction of a building as it may influence the building design including roof and wall cladding selection as well as bracing requirements. There are different factors that determine the wind speed rating such as terrain, topography and shielding from obstructions such as trees or other buildings.

Demolition report and consent

Under Section 29A of the Building Act 1993, for a proposed demolition of a building or any part of the facade, a Section 29A must be obtained from council.

Council's response to the report outlines whether the consent to a proposed demolition has been granted or refused and whether a planning permit is needed for demolition. A Building Permit will also be required to undertake any demolition works.

Flood Certificates

A flood certificate specifies if a property is located within a designated flood zone. These certificates are obtained from the relevant catchment authorities when a property has been identified as being liable to flooding.

A flood certificate can outline the flood level and other requirements such as maintaining a prescribed distance from the flood affected area and/or providing a minimum floor level height above the flood level which is reported to AHD.

Sewer and stormwater pipe details
(subject to availability)

Sewer and stormwater pipe details are an important part of the design process because they can affect construction costs significantly. This is particularly the case when a building will be situated near a drain because the pipe attributes can affect your angle of repose causing your footings to require deepening by means of screw-piles or bored piers.

Energy Ratings

When building a new home or even undertaking major renovations, it is important to meet the minimum state and territory building energy efficiency requirements. The VBA now requires all new homes to have a 6 star energy rating, this means an energy rating report is required before obtaining a Building Permit.

The energy ratings can be determined on the layout of the proposed building, how well it suits the climate that it is situated in as well as building size, glazing, construction type, insulation and orientation.

PIC - sewer and water connections

PIC’s are an industry standard and are required to be sought from the relevant water authority before connecting the dwelling to sewer and water assets. It is also mandatory to connect to recycled (non-drinking) water in the estates and areas that provide this infrastructure.

Planning Permit applications

We can save you time by applying for your Planning permit to council. Let us liaise with the authorities.

Imagine ordering through an online portal the same way for all your permit requirements. Yes, it's that simple with F1.

Our easy online order process will save you countless hours.

Copy of Planning Permits

Sometimes a project requires a copy of an existing or previous planning permit from council that may relate to the parent land prior to subdivision or can relate to land post subdivision.

This is helpful to determine if you are required to meet criteria from that planning permit or if in fact that planning permit exempts you from requiring a further planning permit

Our easy online order process can save you countless hours.

BOE - Build Over Easements

If your project encroaches within one metre of a sewer or strormwater pipe, chances are you will require BOE consent.

We can apply to the relevant sewer or council authority on your behalf.

Our easy online order process can save you countless hours.
Imagine applying the same way through the one portal for all your needs.
It's that simple with F1.

Let us deal with the authorities

Over the years we have built strong relationships with councils and sewer authorities in an effort to streamline processes which can in turn produce superfluous efficient results. We put ourselves in your shoes and strive to achieve the most favourable outcome to any problem.

Our track record is phenomenal as are our clients which are among Victoria’s respected leading builders.

We continue to expand in what we can provide but ultimately we strive to make your project's path to site quick and easy.

Online access area

Since 1997 our mission has been to provide unique and individually tailored premium level of service for our clients. Over the years we have developed unique software that is suited to each client’s needs and from 2010 we integrated this software to the web in the form of our online access area that includes the following:

  • •   Live progress of each job
  • •   Download facility for completed products
  • •   Account manager controls for monitoring staff
  • •   Group access with individual levels of access
  • •   Online ordering
  • •   Job and subdivision monitoring and more

PSI packages and pricing

We currently offer a number of standard PSI packages at competitive pricing although we can create a custom package that will suit your requirements. Please contact us for further information.