Feature Surveying

Feature surveys are necessary to obtain the geographic shape and topography of the land. They are necessary to determine how and where the proposed structure can be placed on the land to comply with regulations as well as whether the land needs to be shaped before building works can occur.

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Feature and contour survey
with Rescode information

Feature surveys play an important role in designing and planning your development. They depict the shape and fall of the land in the form of contour levels but can also include:

•   visible services such as gas, water, sewer etc.

•   trees and vegetation

•   street features such as as footpaths, kerbs, drains etc.

•   fencing location, type and height

•   neighbouring features and setbacks

•   neighbouring habitable window locations and heights

The report and DWG drawing file is used to plot your design and to determine key construction components including how the building can be keyed into the land, whether excavation or filling is required and how your design meets statutory requirements. It also allows you to design an appropriate drainage system that accommodates the stormwater runoff from the structure and the land.

Levels to AHD

The Australian Height Datum is a geodetic datum for altitude measurement in Australia.

AHD levels are generally used for civil designs with relation to council, sewer and flood authority assets as well as during creation of subdivisions and new housing estates.

Council may require AHD levels on your survey if the development has to go through a Planning Permit or if your property is in a known flood area, the relevant flood authority and/or council may request a minimum floor level to an AHD height in metres.

There may also be a restriction on your title that governs a minimum floor level or maximum building height limit to AHD.

Re-establishment surveys

Re-establishment surveys are required when a lot or property boundary needs to be redefined.

The survey will identify crucial information in regards to the legal area in which a fence, building, retaining wall or other structure can be permitted to be constructed.

Exact boundary establishment is particularly important when constructing walls and fencing on property boundaries.

Neighbourhood Character Surveys

Also known as Site Analysis Surveys.

This type of survey normally combines a feature survey but shows greater detail of more buildings and more features surrounding your property. Where a feature survey may include each property that surrounds your land, a Neighbourhood Character Survey may include 3 houses in all directions being left, right, front and rear depending on council requirements.

These surveys are normally required to accompany planning permit applications for dual occupancy, multi unit developments and subdivision works.

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