Report and Consent

The Building Regulations 2018 allows some form of flexibility with regards to particular siting and non-siting matters. An application can be made to council for their consideration of dispensation to the regulation not met.

Siting and non-siting matters

If your proposed construction does not comply with a siting requirement of the Building Regulations 2018, we can apply to council on your behalf for a dispensations. Some of the common Report and Consent applications include:

  • •   Maximum Front Street Setback - Reg 73
  • •   Minimum Front Street Setback - Reg 74
  • •   Minimum Side Street Setback - Reg 74
  • •   Maximum Building Height - Reg 75
  • •   Minimum Side and Rear Setbacks - Reg 79
  • •   Maximum Average Wall Height - Reg 80
  • •   Maximum Wall Height on Boundary - Reg 80
  • •   Maximum Wall Length on Boundary - Reg 80
  • •   Section 29A - Consent to demolish
  • •   Construction on flood prone land - Reg 153(2)
  • •   Building on designated land - Reg 154(1)
  • •   BOE - Building over an easement

Let us deal with your application

Imagine ordering for your council consent online the same way on every job. Yes, it's that simple.

You apply the same way through our online portal and we'll look after the rest.

We continue to expand in what we can provide but ultimately we strive to make your project's path to site quick and easy.